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  • Day 58 – Oslo

    Day 58 – Oslo

    I’m so excited to be riding into Oslo over the finish line today! So thrilled to be seeing my family again. Bright blues skies and hot. Tyrone navigated the way from Moss, passed his house in Ås, lunch in Ski, and soon we are speeding downhill into Oslo. Megs and Ste are waiting with my one […]

  • Day 31 – Ludwigshafen am Rhein to Nackenheim

    Day 31 – Ludwigshafen am Rhein to Nackenheim

    Today the wind came up against me. The tall poplar trees along the river bank clapped their leaves. Sounds like a standing ovation – tree applause. Birds of prey skim from the blue sky over the bristling wheat fields searching for mice. A river of this magnitude begins with a twinkle on a mountain peak […]

  • Day 10 Florence-First solo day.

    Day 10 Florence-First solo day.

    FIRST SOLO DAY The sun rose and the time came to set off. Malò gave me a big breakfast and little bottle of rescue drops. I gulped down the rescue drops then read the instructions. Two drops under your tongue to absorb slowly. She also gave me a bright chrysanthemum which clipped onto my bicycle […]