“Unleashing Creativity: The Bold and Vibrant World of a Surface Pattern Artist”


LeAnne’s Bohemian style artwork and surface patterns are known for their eclectic & free-spirited aesthetic.

They are often layered together in a mix-and-match fashion, printed on fabric or wallpaper, they create a visually dynamic and vibrant space.

Shadowy meadow botanical
Penny gum navy by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Penny gum navy
Roman antique painted wall 2 tone teal
Wallpaper bowls by LeAnne Nowell
Wallpaper bowls White background.

Welcome to my gallery of printed surface designs! As a passionate surface pattern artist, I am thrilled to showcase my beautiful collection of vibrant and unique patterns.

My designs range from bold and playful to delicate and intricate, inspired by a variety of themes including nature, geometric shapes, and cultural influences.

Each design has been carefully crafted and expertly printed to ensure that it captures the essence of my artistic vision. From fabric to wallpaper, my patterns can be applied to a range of surfaces to enhance any space or product.

Whether you’re a fellow artist seeking inspiration or a business owner looking for the perfect design to elevate your brand, my gallery is the perfect place to explore. So, take a moment to browse my collection and experience the beauty of my printed surface designs.

Flora & Fauna

Flowers, botanicals, birds & animals

Geometric patterns LeAnne Nowell

Geometric patterns

There’s always a spot for geometric patterns

Home decor LeAnne Nowell

Home Decor

Wherever you are on our planet make it your home

gelato surface pattern Leanne Talbot Nowell


A fun collection of designs for kids of all ages

New galleries under construction…