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  • Day 48 – Rødbyhavn to Køgel

    Day 48 – Rødbyhavn to Køgel

    Part 3 Early morning hangs grey in the Danish sky. While loading the bike this morning the front door blows shut and cannot be opened again. My panniers are still inside the foyer. I have already put my key into a box at the automatic reception. A man smoking in the carpark says “oh my […]

  • Day 24 – Waldshut Tiengen to Karsau – bedbugz.

    Day 24 – Waldshut Tiengen to Karsau – bedbugz.

    The only men I attract by my appearance these days, are those with noisy machines. Mowers, tractors, builders and lorry drivers. Even the rubbish truck man made a comment after a near hit. I don’t think it was complimentary.But the hoteliers usually always shake my hand when I leave, which is comforting. My ebike has […]

  • 40 orbital loops

    40 orbital loops

    Zooming way out to get a forty day overview. Something that all astronauts talk about when they see Earth from space for the first time, is an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. They see this beautiful blue ball floating in deep space, lonely, delicate and miraculous. Three astronauts landed on Earth on Friday after more than […]

  • Pops of joy

    Pops of joy

    “Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful!’ and sitting in the shade.”― Rudyard Kipling, I have spend many years, a small fortune and vast amount of energy on not-quite mastering the art of keeping plants alive in pots on my terrace. Often I feel more like an undertaker than a gardener – so many […]

  • The Faraway tree

    The Faraway tree

    Every morning I climb up the steps to the loft with high intentions. But I must admit choosing a subject to paint within visual reach of my perch is becoming a real challenge. After an intensive month of quarantine, my enthusiasm for the neighbours walls and/or pot plants, is beginning to wane. That’s why I […]

  • The police

    The police

    The police have been driving up and down the road today yelling at people through a loudspeaker. Not sure why, but presume they found some rebel pedestrians. Simon is out ‘hunting’ at the local butchery, and I’m on the perch in my loft. We are allowed to go out for essential grocery shopping or to […]