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  • 100 thousand lights for Christmas

    100 thousand lights for Christmas

    Christmas 2020 in Rome

  • interiority


    Rome and inspiration.

  • Pandemonium


    This island is a safe place to stand -motionless – wearing a straw hat tipped  toward the milky way. Waving The rusty old ferry tub called Carloforte leaves Terracina port at precisely 9 on a summer morning. That means an early start from our house in Marino. We are always happy to catch the slow […]

  • Day 1 – Marino to Formello – via Rome.

    Day 1 – Marino to Formello – via Rome.

    Rome the Eternal city – “Aaah bella Roma” once you are caught in her seductive “La Dolce Vita” embrace, you will become an overly emotional lover who can never leave. At approximately 2800 years old everything from the damp decay of frescoed tombs to her high-flying arches and golden orbs on moonlit domes, from baroque […]

  • Andiamo


    Andiamo Departure day is here with an early start. The sky is a sharp blue. I put on my padded tights trying to “be like water” as Bruce Lee, the karate guru, once advised. He is known to have said “water can flow, but it can also crash”. Crashing is my biggest concern. Nevertheless, I […]