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  • Day 58 – Oslo

    Day 58 – Oslo

    I’m so excited to be riding into Oslo over the finish line today! So thrilled to be seeing my family again. Bright blues skies and hot. Tyrone navigated the way from Moss, passed his house in Ås, lunch in Ski, and soon we are speeding downhill into Oslo. Megs and Ste are waiting with my one […]

  • Day 43 – Neubruchhausen to Zeven – Bremen

    Day 43 – Neubruchhausen to Zeven – Bremen

    In our bookcase at home is an original translation of the Grimm’s fairy tales.  Imagined it would be good to type out the true story of the Bremen musicians for you. The Travelling Musicians – Grimm’s fairy tale. An honest farmer had once an ass, that had been a faithful servant to him a great […]

  • Day 31 – Ludwigshafen am Rhein to Nackenheim

    Day 31 – Ludwigshafen am Rhein to Nackenheim

    Today the wind came up against me. The tall poplar trees along the river bank clapped their leaves. Sounds like a standing ovation – tree applause. Birds of prey skim from the blue sky over the bristling wheat fields searching for mice. A river of this magnitude begins with a twinkle on a mountain peak […]

  • Days 28 and 29 – Erstein – Strasbourg – Marienthal

    Days 28 and 29 – Erstein – Strasbourg – Marienthal

    Today I rode passed an army barracks onto a narrow path in the woods. A regiment of soldiers came jogging at me in single file. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good look as I was forced to concentrate on the necessary avoidance manoeuvre. Narrow paths can be treacherous with tufts of thorny blackberries and hidden […]



    HELLO everybody, I have been happily illustrating and writing about the cycle ride for 25 days now. Only a quarter of the way in distance – which gives you an idea of how long the long distance ride was. After some thought I’ve decided the story can be divided into three parts to prevent OVERWHELM. […]

  • Day 21-Stuben to Rorschach-going down

    Day 21-Stuben to Rorschach-going down

    Dropping down from the arms of the lovely mountain today, with the Alfenz stream happily cascading at my side. From Stuben to Bludenz to Nenzing to Feldkirch. Dropping as a spider does, black wheels spinning below the Scots Pines. White water widens into a deep teal river and you can see the trout. As the […]

  • Day 5 – San Filippo to Buonconvento

    Day 5 – San Filippo to Buonconvento

    The sky is dark to the point of purple and rain splatters our faces. Eventually we stop and take some miserable shelter under a tree. Passing trucks dash us with dirty road spray. The sky relents slightly so we make our soggy way to San Quirico d’Orcia in search of lunch. The exquisite wild salad […]

  • Day 4 – Bolsena to Bagni San Filippo

    Day 4 – Bolsena to Bagni San Filippo

    Yesterday was a sore day. This morning both my Brooks saddle and the scenery are breathtaking. We set off after a hearty goodbye to our nun, and take the back road up and out of the crater. Stopping to look over our shoulders at Lake Bolsena who winks at us with one blue eye. Simon […]

  • Day 3 – Vetralla to Bolsena

    Day 3 – Vetralla to Bolsena

    Day 3 – Flying along on the bike this morning. Legs pump away the back pain, but the saddle, oooh the saddle. I try to be stoic. My bum blisters have ballooned. One on each cheek. I haven’t seen them yet, but they feel like incorporated gel cushions. At the coffee bar in Vetralla, a […]

  • Day 2 – Formello to Vetralla

    Day 2  – Formello to Vetralla

    Doris from Bremen introduces herself to us outside the Chapel of the Madonna del Sorba. She is walking the pilgrimage with an Italian guide, north to south like you’re supposed to. We are going contro-signage, so taking the backward facing arrows when we see them. She kindly offered me accommodation when I reach Bremen. I’m […]

  • Day 1 – Marino to Formello – via Rome.

    Day 1 – Marino to Formello – via Rome.

    Rome the Eternal city – “Aaah bella Roma” once you are caught in her seductive “La Dolce Vita” embrace, you will become an overly emotional lover who can never leave. At approximately 2800 years old everything from the damp decay of frescoed tombs to her high-flying arches and golden orbs on moonlit domes, from baroque […]

  • Andiamo


    Andiamo Departure day is here with an early start. The sky is a sharp blue. I put on my padded tights trying to “be like water” as Bruce Lee, the karate guru, once advised. He is known to have said “water can flow, but it can also crash”. Crashing is my biggest concern. Nevertheless, I […]

  • Ready steady

    Ready steady

    In this post we are getting ready to leave Marino Laziale and ride our bicycles to Rome and beyond.



    She stands waiting calmly for departure day, glinting with red reflectors in the dark grotto below our apartment.