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  • 40 orbital loops

    40 orbital loops

    Zooming way out to get a forty day overview. Something that all astronauts talk about when they see Earth from space for the first time, is an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. They see this beautiful blue ball floating in deep space, lonely, delicate and miraculous. Three astronauts landed on Earth on Friday after more than […]

  • The tulips

    The tulips

    Lockdown day 10 – a beautiful spring day here on my balcony. The tulip I promised to paint for you is a vibrant blazing orange, open now in the early sunshine. We need bold and bright to distract us from the dark news. The tulip plant shares a pot with the olive tree just meters […]

  • Lockdown announcement in Italy – MONDAY – 9 March 2020

    Lockdown announcement in Italy – MONDAY – 9 March 2020

    Last night the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, declared a nation wide “lockdown” from today. He is right, we must do what we can. Sitting here in my sunny studio painting flowers, seems the idyllic way to spend the days, but the thought of what is happening out there is not pleasant at all. It […]