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  • Journey to Marino

    Children’s book A watercolour illustrated story for our grandchildren about an imagined visit to Marino. Wishing and waiting for this to come true very soon. Covid lockdowns are taking their toll on grandparents in more ways than one. We miss our kids! This PDF version can be downloaded and printed at home or viewed on […]

  • Christmas Star

    Christmas Star

    Jupiter and Saturn, our family planets, will be close tonight. Closer than they have been from an Earthling point of view for the past 800 years. Looking up at the night sky on the 21st December brings Christmas into perspective. The light falling into our eyes will have journeyed millions of miles from our sun. […]

  • 100 thousand lights for Christmas

    100 thousand lights for Christmas

    Christmas 2020 in Rome

  • interiority


    Rome and inspiration.

  • Pandemonium


    This island is a safe place to stand -motionless – wearing a straw hat tippedĀ  toward the milky way. Waving The rusty old ferry tub called Carloforte leaves Terracina port at precisely 9 on a summer morning. That means an early start from our house in Marino. We are always happy to catch the slow […]