Simon’s magical Chocolate mousse

Simon's magical chocolate mousse recipe
Simon’s magical Chocolate Mousse recipe, Retro style
Vintage tea towel or wall hanging. Available to purchase from my shop PAPERBRUSH
Tea towel or wall hanging

Simon’s magical chocolate mousse is actually his secret and very decadent addition to the menu on any special occasion. So good that it features on this vintage recipe artwork, a recent attempt at retro style design for a competition. The judging is done by public vote online.

The art inspiration came from my grandmothers original ROYAL BAKING POWDER recipe book from the 1950’s. The pages are mottled yellow and broken around the edges. What remains of the cover is this… the key feature for this vintage tea towel / wall hanging design is the cake stand. Which has since been converted to a bowl.

Royal baking powder (pty) book cover
Royal cookery book – South African edition.

As you can see the cake stand became a magic mousse bowl.

This Vintage recipe artwork is featured in the Spoonflower weekly challenge. It will be available for purchase next week, but in the meantime IF you have the patience, would you be kind enough to give me a vote. The more votes I get the more delighted I’ll be! All you need to do is click the pink link and scroll down the other competing designs until you see “Simon’s Magical Chocolate Mousse” by PAPERBRUSH. Thanks so much! More votes means a bit of publicity to actually sell this piece. You know how it is for starving artists.. haha.. the proceeds may get me a slab of chocolate!

tea towel dish cloth art
Tea towel

Being a surface designer

I have recently got back into surface pattern design after many, many years (studied Textile Design). It has been a couple of months of intensive learning digital techniques. Knowing the the world is brimming over with designs… who needs another designer? But (sigh) the creative spirit is eternally insistent and it makes me happy. So, no matter what, you will find me in the studio eagerly thinking up the next pattern.

If you want to do any decorating or give an original gift, take a look at my portfolio. Most of the patterns are available to purchase online and if you need custom designs or colours I am happy to do that for you. Most recent surface patterns are featured on SPOONFLOWER.COM . They print in the USA and BERLIN on a variety of fabric and wallpaper. If you prefer useful stuff like phone-cases , cups, bags and other things then check out my work on REDBUBBLE.COM

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